Phil, Friday night.  Things were kind of shroomy.
~ 10,000 Lakes Music Festival 2006 ~
July 19 - 22

Click HERE for pix sent in by Melissa.
Steph helped pack and was there to see us off but was unable to make the trip.
Kind of ironic that I would start out for 10KLF from SHACK. It had been two weeks since the party there on the first leg of the trip. Everything looked just as we had left it. I considered mowing but was talked out of it. We picked up the necessary stuff for the trip and went to Joliet to pack. I didn't have much to pack as I had arrived the night before from All Good in WV. Wasn't looking forward to a night of marathon driving but it went pretty well. I did find out that if you drive through an I-Pass lane without one they don't do anything! We stopped a few times besides for gas to stretch, we all struggled at times but it was worth the effort to get into town in time to get groceries and a spot near the front of our campground line.
We arrived early enough to be about 25th in line for our campground.
The entry search was pretty easy and fast despite total incompetents handing out the wristbands.
We took advantage of the generous space alloted and quickly set up camp. As at most festivals, everybody has alot of cold beer and ice on early arrival day so beer bongs seemed in order. The result is of course, the building of the picket fence. Wood parking markers, now not needed, were laying everywhere. We started to collect them for firewood but the fence became the project of the day.
Our neighbors across the street.
With the camp secure we headed for the venue Most interesting sight was of a guy using the old school method of projection of images (two watchglasses with different colored liquids). The venue itself is in a big bowl so you can see most of the stages at the same time. Entry is by tunnel under the highways on either side.
Bockman was the highlight of opening night.  Not really pop, not really alternative they are progressive. Hand made lighting effects. The sun rising in the north.  It pretty much set in the north as well after making a big crazy loop south. QUICK NOW!  A pic in front of the cattails!
Next morning it bacame apparent that there was something wrong with the sun. Frst of all it comes up really early and stays up late. But more disconcerting was that it didn't seem to be in the right place, rising sort of in the north-northeast, making a crazy loop around to the south and then setting in the northwest. It was hard to figure out where to hang sunshades, during the day they were needed on all sides at one time or another. Temps in the daytime were tolerable if you had some shade and nights were cool and rather damp.
One of the Tunnels Tea Leaf Green on the Barn Stage. Their sound gives away the fact they are a Frisco band.
Steve Kimock teamed up with Stephen Perkins on the Field Stage... ...while we could still see Tea Leaf Green rocking the house at the Barn. The Fence continued through the festival...
...needing occasional repairs and replacments due to thefts. String Cheese Incident put on a high energy and entertaining show... ...with alot of running around and dancing. Tim McCalister stopped by for a visit
Friday is tie-dye day!  Everybody gets one of the new ones Heather helped me with last week. You get really good meals camping with Regular Joe. Water truch helps keep the dust down. Keller Williams Incident
Louis Gosain sings 'Alligator Alley' Phil earned his money Friday with two dynamite sets. Small drum circle in the shade.
Melissa and Ruby are vendors I met at All Good.  Plagued with truck problems it was fortunate the even made it at all to MN.  Check out their stuff if you see them.  Look for the blue Mississippi Moon sign. Lots of balloons made a pretty good effect during Trey.
 'Did I spill something on my shirt?.. No, it's Mike Gordon's autograph!' Peter was heard calling me pops and was asked if I was his father.  Of course I picked that up and ran with it telling him loudly the rest of the night, ' Thanks for bringing me to the music show, son.  And those mushrooms sure is good!'
Trey and Mike did basically the same show as they had done at AllGood a week ago but mixed up the order a little. I was really happy and surprised that all my stuff was packed when I got up Sunday morning.  Just packed my wet tent and drove off... ...past another of the 10,000 lakes... ...and then across the Red River into Fargo North Dakota where I got on I-29...  ...and followed it straight south for an uneventful 12 hour drive home.  Got work tomorrow!

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