We're so sorry, Uncle Albert...
~ All Good Music Festival 2006 ~
July 13 - 16
Rain on and off didn't really slow progress.  Every once in a while I try to include the speedo in the pix! The limestone operations dominate the road to Masonville. This stretch of road was so rough I could have walked faster than it was safe to drive. Gates had not open when I arrived and the firemen had routed us into short lines spread out over the winding roads.  We started to move later than expected but moved quickly to the gate.
Left my daughter's home near Philly in a light rain early Thursday morning. It rained intermittently the whole seven hour drive to Masontown. Wouldn't have taken that long but busy on the cell I missed an exit and ended up in Martinsburg VA. Stopping in LaVale in the rain it occured to me that as many times as I had been there I had never seen it NOT raining. Bought groceries and made some calls. The scenic roads to the venue turned from highway busy with gravel trucks to rock roads that required slow going. The line didn't seem too long and we started the party there. Met some cool people but we were moving soon and steadily.
Got three live Phil cds waiting in the search line.  Good job by security and willcall in getting us through fast. The view from the top.  Home for the next four days we had a stage directly below our perch on the hill. Neighbors Teet and Ben.  Sweet camp, huh? What could be better than camping with lovers of good beer!!  Teets and Ben had a number of tastey selections to try out.
The search was pretty fast as was the will call line. Moving as directed I parked behind the ridge I wanted to camp on. Literally dragging my tent and sunshade up the hill I picked out a spot, met the neighbors and set up. Next trip down I moved the car to near the bottom of the hill and brought up enough stuff to get me through arrival day. We set up a nce compound on top of the hill and I wished Gwen was there to see it and decorate! A secondary stage was right in front of us and we could watch the new arrivals taillights in the dusk as we started serious celebration of Early Arrival Day. Waves of yells echoed sopratically. I had forgotten about the fog that creeps up the valley every night. Swore that I wasn't going to go out into it and get lost. Went out into it and got lost. My neighbors arrived back about the same time as I did unable to find the party they were going to attend at Kristen's camp so we all did Yeager bombs.
Our camp from the bottom on Early Arrival Night... ...and the stage in front of us. Sunset Friday
Up early the next morning I made some trips to the car and got ready to head for the main stage for Oteil. Noticed more costumes than usual, some of them really good.
Fog lifting in the morning The guy with the small head was hilarious.
Oteil's first gig as a band leader is working out well.  AND his guitar player was on fire.
Ths Magic Hat Stage was inside the main arena and bands had about a 30 minute set between acts on the main stage.  I don't know who this hard rocking band was but they sure were cute!
Headed back to the main stage aroung dusk to see the end of Claypool and then Ween I walked by a guy playing guitar and singing his heart out to the dumpsters. We talked a while and he played some more then I played a few. He was working for a vendor and on break so we didn't have much time but we had almost exactly the same conversation about music that I had had with Tommy Pope two weeks ago in Chicago. Music cannot be good unless it is from the heart.
Stumbled onto Mary and Chrissy while climbing the hill beside the main stage.  We watched Umphrey's together, a big kite, and debated the meaning of life.  Or was it the ultimate question? Or something. Met up with Charles and Wendy for the third year in a row and got to wish Tim another Happy Birthday!
I like to pretty much take the last day off and relax and meet people. Only trip I made to the venue was for part of The Wailers. There are alot of interesting people to meet walking the trail.
This was Conrad's first festival.  We got to be friends as I had to cross their campsite to get to the car. Ben considers the options. Brandon and Kevin from NJ stopped by.  Brandon left his doll at camp to keep me company. Jessie had the worst experience that I heard about at the festival/  Attacked by strangers he was hospitalized and got back on the last day to find his ride had left.  A four-wheeler drove up the hill and stopped next to camp and the rider looked around and too some pictures.  I asked him if he was one of the firemen who work the venue.  He said no, he is Marvin's son, Trent.  Nice conversation about festivals and music he seemed to like The Black Crowes.
With many people leaving there was alot more room.  Nick and Heather joined me for the last night. Nick, just out of the Marines, was telling me he had been trying to find information on festivals as he and his wife had never been to one. He found only one site that really told the story about AllGood 2005 by Googling. "Did I ever see one called lurker00?" :) Headed for JamCruise 5 he promised to send pix and an after action report. Look for it in February. with Heather, Nick, and Warren
Almost alone, just before packing and loading down. Fog was lifting after I packed, made a trip down to the car and moved it to the road below for the last trip.  Parking is nearly empty now. Last view of our site before driving off to 10,000 Lakes.
On the road again.  28 hours til 10,000 Lakes Festival!

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